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The concepts behind Battlestation Wars are simple: checkout, submit, and vote for the coolest battlestations from around the world.

After checking out ephemeral battlestation threads for years on imageboards, I thought it would be a solid idea to create a permanent central repository for people to submit, view, and comment on each other's battlestations. For people similar to myself, I have spent countless hours inspecting and reviewing other setups on /g/ and find it easy to become inspired to create and improve my computing environment one component at a time.

Additionally, do not be afraid to submit your battlestation, because without your submissions, the operation of Battlestation Wars is not possible.

What is a Battlestation?

Battlestation is a term that is commonly referred to as a desktop computer setup. Includes the tower or laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad (if applicable), Audio playback and recording devices (if applicable), and even wires/cable management.

How to Speed Vote

After an email recommendation from a user of Battlestation Wars, asking for another method to vote, I built the speed voting feature. Now instead of clicking the 'Vote' button for each battlestation, you can now speed vote by pressing the number '1' (for the battlestation on the left) or the number '2' (for the battlestation for the right) keys on your keyboard.